World car racing for people with serious concurrent vision and hearing impairment!

World car racing for people with serious concurrent vision and hearing impairment!

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Car racing for people with SERIOUS vision and hearing impairment?! It sounds incredible, right? And now it's true! Help us to organize the first such event in the world.

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About the project

Our purpose is to organize the first car racing for people with concurrent vision and hearing impairment in the world. Participants will be both persons who have lost the ability to drive a car, and those who has never had it. The event will be held in Lodz from 5 to 9 August this year. It includes workshops teaching how to drive a car and the car racing on the airfield in Lodz.


The meeting will last until five days, because first 4 days will be the time of communicate exercises between the deaf and blind – guide interpreter – driving instructor. Only a good team will be ready to take part in car racing.

As we prepared this event, we established a cooperation with driving instructors who will use a special communication system developed by our specialists. We looked for appropriate technical resources and worked out a training plan for competitors, focusing on both the competitor’s comfort and the safety. During the entire stay they will be under observation and care of the staff: interpreter - guides, sign language interpreters, lifeguards and driving instructors.

An additional attraction will be driving the motorboats.

Automobile races, as well as preparing participants will be documented in the film which will be made in order to prove that breaking the barriers is possible, even if others say is not.

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